Memory Hall
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War Remains

This is not a game. This is History. Live through the war to end all wars unlike ever before in this immersive VR experience.
Ellis Gallery
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Why Keep That?

Collecting, cataloguing, conserving. The heart of a museum is its collection, but how do Museums make decisions and who gets to answer the question, “Why Keep That?”
West Lobby Gallery
Explore Women's History, Now on view

Votes & Voices

The passage of the 19th Amendment was deeply influenced by women’s involvement in WWI, on the battle and home fronts.
Main Gallery
View The World War Through the Eyes of Those Who Lived It

Main Gallery: The World War, 1914-1919

Included with your General Admission ticket, the Main Gallery of the National WWI Museum and Memorial holds the permanent exhibition, “The World War, 1914-1919.”
American Philanthropy and WWI

The Rise of Giving

Faced with the catastrophic impact of World War I, many Americans were moved to greater generosity. People from all backgrounds played an important role in providing relief to Europe, the Middle East
An Immersive Tour

Trenches of WWI

One of the most common images associated with World War I is the trench. View this narrated, immersive tour of the Museum's trench displays on Google Arts & Culture and learn the history of trench

The Volunteers

The Volunteers: Americans Join World War I examines the stories of the young men and women who transformed the meaning of volunteerism. Prompted by altruism, personal ambition, a search for adventure
A Guided Journey through WWI History

Curator's Tour

Explore highlights of the National WWI Museum and Memorial with this narrated, immersive tour of the galleries, guided by our Curator of Education.
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From Animals to Zeppelins, this A-Z Guide helps viewers better understand the “War that Shaped the 20th Century.”
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Make Way for Democracy!

In an era of federal segregation, the national call as “champions of the rights of mankind” rang hollow. Many African Americans saw the war as an opportunity to redefine their U.S. citizenship and
Immersive Tour of the National WWI Museum and Memorial

Architectural Tour

Explore the architecture of the National WWI Museum and Memorial with a narrated tour of this National Historic Landmark.