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Experience the Great War like you never have before in 3D virtual reality

Virtual Reality Experiences

Experience the Great War like you never have before in 3D virtual reality: A battle in a trench on the Western Front, and the forgotten story of the Choctaw Code Talkers.

Wylie Gallery

Sacred Service

Open May 23, 2024: Rabbis, pastors, monks, imams, priests and more served with the fighting nations of World War I.

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Featured Exhibition

The Little War

Explore the lives of children swept up by the storms of World War I while adults were fighting on the front line and supporting the war effort.

Ellis Gallery

Mail Call

On envelopes carrying letters to his son, John Ross Myers carefully painted cartoons, scenes of camp life, patriotic symbols, mythological figures and expressive scenes of the American Expeditionar

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Exploring Women's History

Votes & Voices

The passage of the 19th Amendment was deeply influenced by women’s involvement in WWI, on the battle and home fronts.

Main Gallery
View The World War Through the Eyes of Those Who Lived It

Main Gallery: The World War, 1914-1919

Included with your General Admission ticket, the Main Gallery of the National WWI Museum and Memorial holds the permanent exhibition, “The World War, 1914-1919.”


Charmed Soldiers

Surrounded by industrial violence and death, servicemembers of World War I renewed faith, discovered magic and witnessed miracles in everyday and extraordinary objects.

A WWI POW Camp of Propaganda

Fighting with Faith

"Fighting with Faith" explores the WWI alliance between Germany and the Ottoman Empire – how they used art, writing, architecture and special treatment to target prisoners in the Half Moon Camp, an

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Home Before the Leaves Fall

Home Before the Leaves Fall explores the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the July Crisis and the opening months of the Great War through an examination of images, objects, video

A Guided Journey through WWI History

Curator's Tour

Explore highlights of the National WWI Museum and Memorial with this narrated, immersive tour of the galleries, guided by our Curator of Education.

Immersive Tour of the National WWI Museum and Memorial

Architectural Tour

Explore the architecture of the National WWI Museum and Memorial with a narrated tour of this National Historic Landmark.

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Make Way for Democracy!

In an era of federal segregation, the national call as “champions of the rights of mankind” rang hollow. Many African Americans saw the war as an opportunity to redefine their U.S.