Hague Conventions

European empires convened in 1899 and 1907 to draw up "Laws and Customs of War on Land" among those who signed the agreements.

Welsh Women's Peace Appeal

In 1924, a small delegation from the Women’s Committee of the Welsh League of Nations Union traveled to the United States with the signatures of over 390,000 women from nearly every household in...

WWI Books and Games

Explore some curated books and games made for children during WWI – and a few made for children today.

Ghosts of Chrismukkahs Past

The word “Chrismukkah” burst into U.S. pop culture in a 2003 episode of “The O.C.”, but the hybrid holiday existed long before the Fox television show ever aired.

Service Flag

The service flag, or the Blue Star flag, is an official banner authorized by the Department of Defense for families who have members serving in the United States Armed Forces.

“Gott mit uns und wir mit ihm!”

During the Great War, “Gott mit uns” (“God is with us”) was the rallying cry of the German military. It reflected deeply-held beliefs by German leadership and the hopes of the German people.

YWCA for United America

Clothed in white robes and arms outstretched, C. Howard Walker’s patriotic, feminine figure stands resolute in her goal to unite immigrant women in the United States of America.

Algerian Spahis in Artois

Spotlight on an illustration by French artist Charles Huard depicting Algerian colonial soldiers known as Spahis. Find out about their roles in WWI as fighters for France and as prisoners of Germany.

Basketball and WWI

One of the stars of special exhibition "Entertaining the Troops" is a basketball uniform. It dates from the 1910s; the top is made of wool and the shorts are made of cotton; and the tag is for A.G.