Apr 10 2023

Expansion: April 10, 2023

The Lower Level reopens on May 19, completing Phase I. A new gallery and touch tables are announced for Phase II.
Mar 29 2023

The National WWI Museum and Memorial upgrades to Google Fiber 5 Gig

Boosting the internet from "fast" to "five times as fast" – that’s what a couple Google Fiber specialists were busy doing on March 29 in a cramped room filled with blinking server lights and snaking cables, as several TV news crews clustered around them.
Mar 1 2023

Lower Level Expansion: March 01, 2023

The National WWI Museum and Memorial is undergoing major updates. You will notice some changes over the next year, including the temporary closure of the Lower Level and the Edward Jones Research Center, with a planned reopening of an expanded research and collections space in early 2023.