Image: A painting of a red brick mosque with a dome and a minaret. Text in blue and gold: Fighting with Faith: a WWI POW Camp of Propaganda

Fighting with Faith

A WWI POW Camp of Propaganda

In 1915, Germany built a mosque in a prisoner-of-war camp. The camp population was made up of soldiers of diverse militaries, nationalities, ethnicities, and languages. They all had one thing in common: their religion.

Fighting with Faith explores the alliance between Germany and the Ottoman Empire during World War I and why they built a campaign of propaganda targeting Muslims. It investigates the Halbmondlager ("Half Moon Camp") with a close look at the ways in which Germany and the Ottoman Empire fought for the hearts and minds of prisoners – including the construction of the first mosque on German soil.

This digital exhibition invites you to reflect on how nations and people shape political and religious ideas, and the reverberating consequences of those actions.