Jack and Trudy Gabriel

Donor Spotlight
Modern photograph of an older white couple in front of a black photo backdrop. The woman is in a bright pink silk jacket. The man is in a black suit with a red and blue striped bowtie.

What is your main motivation behind your efforts for the Museum and Memorial?

To help establish an annual event that is entertaining and inspirational and will attract members of the community not previously involved.

Why do you consider the annual Night at the Tower so important for the Museum and Memorial?

The creation of Night at the Tower offers the opportunity to attract new interest in the Museum in an amazing and entertaining way. It brings valuable, additional funds, acquaints people with the Museum and may motivate them to become more involved.

Kansas Citians are already proud of the Museum and an enjoyable event provides talking points for conversation among friends and associates.

How would you describe the importance of the Museum and Memorial to someone who has never visited them?

The Museum is an eye-opener. It provides a window into a time in history that has been significant for each generation since.

Going forward, what do you see as the main mission or goal of the Museum and Memorial?

To preserve elements of the period and the war and to educate people of all ages on its importance. To support the fact that freedom is not free and to provide a perpetual memorial to those who gave their lives.