Battlefield Tours

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: Modifications may occur due to current global travel restrictions. If you have any questions, please contact us at or 816.888.8113.

When and where will we meet the group?

All participants should meet at the designated meeting place and time, provided with your tour information. It is recommended to arrive in the destination city the day before the tour, giving you ample time to meet at the gathering place.

Once you receive the green light to purchase your airfare, please forward your arrival time and flight number to the Museum and Memorial's Learning Coordinator at This will assist guides in roll call before starting the tour.

What sites will we be visiting?

Please see the itinerary sent by the guides. The itinerary is loose, allowing flexibility in visiting additional sites.

What hotels will we be staying at? What amenities are included?

Please see the itinerary sent by the guides. Breakfast, WiFi and laundry services are generally available.

How many meals are included with my registration?

Breakfasts and at least one group dinner are covered under your registration. Lunches and other dinners are not included, unless otherwise specified. Please notify us immediately if you have any special dietary requirements. For most destinations, lunches will be approximately €15-€20 and dinners approximately €35.

How will we travel between different sites/cities?

Participants will travel by coach (bus) between cities and will walk around most sites.

What amenities are included with the bus?

The bus will have A/C and heating, a refrigerator, a restroom and complimentary water.

What should I wear?

  • Comfortable outdoor wear (e.g. T-shirts, jeans, shorts.) Avoid wearing clothing with large, loud logos.
  • Sweater or lightweight fleece
  • Appropriate footwear (e.g. walking shoes). A change of footwear is also advised.
  • Waterproof outer layers (light jacket)
  • Hat and sunscreen

What are essential items I need to pack?

  • Passport
  • Medicine (in your carry on!)*
  • Camera or phone
  • Toiletries
  • Night clothes
  • Socks and underwear
  • Satchel/day pack
  • Electricity adapters for destination countries
  • Portable power bank (if you have one)
  • Waterproof jacket (and trousers if you have them)
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Large plastic bag for worn clothes

* Note on medicine: should be kept in its original packing, and kept in your carry-on along with a copy of any doctor's prescription. Please consult with State Department travel information to ensure that your prescriptions are not prohibited in the destination countries. Most over-the-counter medicines can be obtained abroad, though they may have different names than those in the U.S. One of the guides, where possible, will accompany you to a pharmacy (widely available) to assist with replacements, if needed.

I am staying in Europe after the tour. Can I be dropped off at my hotel after the tour?

Unfortunately, due to the size and schedule of the coach, you will not be able to be dropped off at your hotel by bus. If you need assistance returning to your hotel:
  • See if your hotel has a shuttle service—communicate when and where you’ll need to be picked up.
  • If a shuttle is unavailable, the guides can assist you in finding a taxi.
  • If you’d prefer to use public transportation, the guides can assist you in getting the correct ticket/line.

How safe will I be touring in the Battlefield Tour regions?

Battle Honours hosts nearly 60 tours yearly and has been in the battlefield touring business for 15 years—many of the guides are former military or police. They have thoroughly assessed any potential risks that may occur during the tour—you will not be visiting any areas that may compromise your safety. Security is both their specialty and priority—you will be in very capable hands. To secure your money and passport, we recommend investing in a wearable money belt/pouch.

How much spending money should I bring with me?

We recommend bringing at least €200 in local currency, but how much you bring is truly a personal preference. Please make sure to notify your banks that you will be out of the country if you plan on taking your debit/credit/bank cards.
  • VISA is most readily accepted; American Express/Discover are not accepted at most places.
  • Cards issued by a smaller, regional bank that don’t have backing from larger institutions will not likely be accepted.
  • ATMs are accessible everywhere for cash withdrawal—withdrawal fees/exchange rates may apply.

How can I use my cellphone while abroad?

You will need to contact your service provider to arrange an international plan (plans vary by provider.) To avoid roaming charges, we recommend turning off apps needing WiFi data before departure. Set your phone to “Airplane Mode” before boarding your overseas flight.

I have an ancestor who fought in World War I in this particular region. Can I see the sites pertinent to their involvement?

Yes! The guides cater the tour itinerary to these requests. Send the name, rank, and any key military/occupational identification of your WWI ancestor to Clive Harris and Mike Sheil approximately two months before departure, to give ample time for research.

Can I bring my ancestor’s personal items (a diary, photographs or other memorabilia)?

Yes, please do! These really help bring your ancestor’s story come to life on the battlefield. Please let the guides know what items you’ll be bringing before packing them.

How much can I expect to walk during the tour?

Participants can expect to walk multiple miles each day across uneven, unpaved terrain. Please make sure you have comfortable, sturdy walking shoes. Battlefield maps will be provided by guides on-site and via email to the participants.

What is the climate of the region we’ll be visiting?

Generally, weather will be warm to mild, and potentially rainy. Feel free to pack a light jacket for the evening and a day pack that includes snacks as you travel off the beaten path.