William Chrisman and Truman High School Classes of 1965

Donor Spotlight

Information provided by Mike Kassen

In 1964 William Chrisman High School in Independence, Mo., had a senior class of about 800 students. The next year, the classes were split with the other half of students establishing Truman High School. Both school's classes of 1965 have held shared class reunions for the past 40 years. Their 50th reunion was held in October of 2015. The classmates explored the idea of commemorating the deceased veterans of the class after the Truman class of 1967 purchased Walk of Honor brick in memory of its veterans. At the 50th reunion, the group presented the idea and the response was immediate and incredible.

This group of classmates chose to honor their veteran friends with a Walk of Honor Brick because it seemed to be the most permanent and visible way to honor them. It recognizes those who gave everything or put themselves in harm's way for all of us. Remembering them with Walk of Honor bricks lets the veterans’ families know how much their classmates appreciate their sacrifice.

Picture of slate-grey bricks etched with various dedications.