Glen and Sally Griffin

Donor Spotlight

Why were Glen and Sally Griffin eager to become members of the National WWI Museum and Memorial?

Modern photograph of an older white man in a black polo shirt and an older white woman in a blue shirt posing in front of a stone memorial.

“My wife, Sally, and I are planning a trip to France this summer. We want to see battlefield sites where my grandfather was located during WWI. Unfortunately, I only remember in a general way where he was. Last week I was bouncing around the internet looking for information regarding my grandfather's division (42nd) and regiment (149th) and eventually hit the Museum and Memorial’s website and located a book written by one of the doughboys in the regiment. This was an absolute treasure, as it took the regiment from enlisting in Danville, Ill., through all the battles they participated in and even included the return home. Much more information than I ever imagined, very well written with photos, including a group photo where I can pick my grandfather out. The fact your organization had scanned the book and made it available was absolutely fantastic. Actually, considering the chain of events it took from a desire to write this book all the way to getting it in my hands, to me is nothing short of miraculous.

This all started with an email question. Within a day of sending my request, your Registrar, Stacie Petersen, answered with links to the book, subsequently sending a scanned copy of the book and a high-resolution scan of the group photo. Bravo!

Last weekend I had the scan of the book bound and sent to my kids. Of course, they will get the electronic version, but nothing like holding a book in your hands.

After this effort and service how could we not join the Museum and Memorial?”

Located on the Museum and Memorial’s lower level, the Edward Jones Research Center is committed to serving those interested in learning more about WWI by proving public access to the Museums and Memorial’s 300,000 archival documents and three-dimensional objects, as well as over 10,00 library titles.

The Museum and Memorial wishes to share our appreciation to Glen and Sally Griffin for sharing their membership experience with others. Thank you!

If you are interested in becoming a member at the Museum and Memorial, visit our Membership page or contact Sarah Foltz at 816.888.8129.