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The National WWI Museum and Memorial is pleased to offer live streaming of select special events and lectures taking place at the Museum and Memorial. All live streams and archived videos can be found on our YouTube channel. Additional event details can be found on the Upcoming Events listings.


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Recent & Upcoming Videos

June 9, 2020, 6:30 p.m. CDT - The Naval Battle at Versailles, 1918-19 - John Kuehn




Past Videos

May 25, 2020 - Memorial Day Ceremony


May 25, 2020 - Memorial Day Bell Tolling Ceremony


May 25, 2020 - Walk of Honor Dedication Ceremony


Feb. 26, 2020 - The War within the War: Race in Vietnam - Beth Bailey


Feb. 12, 2020 - The Siberian Expedition, 1918-1922 - Geoff Babb