Living History

Volunteer Corps

Living, learning and sharing history

The Living History Volunteer Corps at the National WWI Museum and Memorial is a group of professional and amateur historians that examine and educate the public on the human dimension of the Great War through research, militaria collecting and living history.
Living history incorporates historical tools, activities and dress into an interactive presentation that seeks to give observers and participants a sense of stepping back in time.
At the Museum and Memorial, Living History Volunteer Corps members engage the public through a variety of programs and initiatives, including monthly “Day in the Life” demonstrations on Sundays surrounding crucial World War I topics and an annual encampment/demonstration event on the exterior grounds of the Museum and Memorial. 
Interested in becoming a Living History Volunteer Corps member? Contact us at for more details.

2019 Living History Volunteer Corps Schedule

  • Dec. 15, All Day:   Holiday Spirit after the War (Day in the Life)

2020 Living History Volunteer Corps Schedule

  • Jan. 12, All Day:   On the Eve of War (Day in the Life)
  • Feb. 9, All Day:   Trench Warfare (Day in the Life)
  • Mar. 8, All Day:   The Eastern Front (Day in the Life)
  • Apr. 19, All Day:   Medical (Day in the Life)
  • May 23 - 25, All Day:   Memorial Day Weekend
  • June 14, All Day:   Gas Warfare (Day in the Life)
  • July 12, 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.:   Faraway Places (Day in the Life)
  • Aug. 29-30, All Day:   Living the Great War weekend - multiple programs
  • Sep. 13, All Day:   The Western Front (Day in the Life)
  • Oct. 11, All Day:   Revolutions and Civil Wars (Day in the Life)
  • Nov. 11, All Day:   Veterans Day Ceremonies and Day in the Life Activities
  • Dec. 13, All Day:   Holiday Spirit During the War (Day in the Life)