German (Prussian) Officer's Overcoat

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Photograph of a WWI-era overcoat in a museum display case

Recently added to the Museum and Memorial's collection, this German officer's overcoat (called a paletot) is a light gray overcoat made of fine wool that was worn by a Hauptmann (Captain) of the 21st Infantry Regiment. The 21st was originally the 4th Pomeranian Regiment. Pomerania was a province of Prussia.

In 1914 and 1915, the 21st Infantry was in the 35th Division on the Eastern Front. In 1915, the regiment transferred to the new 105th Division which was in Serbia, Galicia and Bulgaria until 1917 when the division moved to France where it fought through 1918.

This overcoat is currently on display in the Museum and Memorial's Main Gallery.