2022 Symposium

Shifting Tides: Citizenship in a World of Conflict

2022 Symposium
Friday-Saturday, November 4-5 National WWI Museum and Memorial

Engulfed by four years of total war, the world emerged transformed.

The conflict that ripped through national borders and eroded centuries-old power dynamics receded, and in its wake swelled a storm that redefined citizenship and just governance. Amid the unfamiliarity of wartime and post-war societies, populations were both bound by tradition and buoyed by bids to reshape political, economic and social landscapes. Some who once marched into combat for their leaders now marched against them. Tensions rippled from one continent to the next, stirring revolutions and reforms.

Join us as we examine – from the battlefield to the ballot box – the evolution of citizenship during World War I and its legacy through the century.

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