Mrs Wilsons

Mrs. Wilson’s Knitting Circle: Sharing the Point

Saturday, June 4 - 10:30 a.m. Zoom Conference

Come do your bit – knit! Just as in WWI, knitting is a way to share comfort and bring a community of friends together to talk, laugh and create. Whether just starting out or an expert able to share your knowledge, join us. BYONY (bring your own needles and yarn). Your own projects are welcome!

There are patterns and common ground between the language of needlepoint and needleguns. Understanding the terms used in wars throughout the ages provides insight into how the military both sees itself and its evolving roles – in other words, the military doctrine that provides a shared frame of reference for professionals in uniform around the world. This month, get to the point with Lt. Col. Nikki Dean of the US Army Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate as she lays out, using cross-stitch, what military doctrine is, why everyone should care and its impact from WWI to today.

Free with RSVP | Zoom Conference