Image: Black and white photograph of a street in a Mediterranean city, populated with people and pack animals. Text: 'A Most Cosmopolitan Front / The Salonika Campaign'

A Most Cosmopolitan Front: The Salonika Campaign

Sunday, March 24 - 2 p.m. Central Time Zoom Conference

From the streets of Sarajevo to the foothills of Salonika, the Balkans were an incendiary arena of the First World War – just as Otto von Bismarck prophesied. Allied forces battled Bulgarians, rapid disease and harsh climate in northern Greece from 1915-1918. Despite being one of the most formidable fronts of WWI, it is less well-known in modern memory. Join Alan Wakefield, author and curator at the Imperial War Museum, in exploring the origins, conditions and outcomes of the Salonika Campaign.

Hosted in partnership with Battle Honours and in conjunction with the 2024 battlefield tour “In the Footsteps of Titans: Salonika and the Great War.”

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