Code of Conduct

Museum and Memorial Policies and Code of Conduct for Field Trips

  • Please silence all phones before entering the Museum and Memorial. Students should use smartphones only for notes or as a camera. Texting, gaming, etc., is not allowed.
  • Photography is generally allowed in all areas of the Museum and Memorial except for the films or where otherwise noted. Tripods and selfie sticks are not allowed.
  • Written assignments or jotting notes are welcome in the Museum and Memorial. However the walls, glass cases, or exhibit boards may not be used as hard surfaces upon which to write.
  • Please use pencils only in the Museum and Memorial, no pens.
  • Wristbands must be worn on student wrists at all times while at the Museum and Memorial, as it serves as both tickets into the Museum and Memorial and as group identifiers. This assists our volunteers, staff and security officers.
  • No food, drink or large backpacks are allowed into the Museum and Memorial. An area may be made available for bags, but it is preferable they are left on the bus, at school or at home.
  • Student groups are specifically asked to refrain from gum and candy. Schools may be charged for cleaning if this rule is violated.
  • Touching artifacts is permitted only under special conditions. Please make students aware of this ahead of time.
  • Students must walk at all times, not run. Save General Pershing’s Jumping Jacks until you are outside.
  • We encourage students to discuss what they see with their classmates and guides, but please be mindful of other visitors and do not yell.
  • The National WWI Museum and Memorial is dedicated to honoring those who served in the Great War. Please ensure your students are respectful.
  • Chaperones, at a ratio of one to every ten students, are admitted free of charge to manage student behavior and engage in the learning process. If students are unable to abide by Museum and Memorial rules, a chaperone will be asked to stay with them in a separate area of the Museum and Memorial while the rest of the group completes their tour. Chaperones may include teachers, school staff or adult family members.
  • It is very important that chaperones remain with students at all times, including visits to the restroom, the Over There Café, the Museum Store and the Liberty Memorial Tower. If your visit includes the Tower, an adult chaperone must be present with any students, whether they are waiting at the base of the Tower, on the elevator or at the observation area at the top of the Tower. No students should be left unaccompanied in any area of the National WWI Museum and Memorial.
  • Only 10 students are permitted in the Museum Store at one time.