1917: America Joins the Fight

November 3-4, 2017 - Save the Date

The United States emerged from its traditional isolation in 1917 and began to take its place in the forefront of world affairs. As the U.S. mobilized its farms, industries, and formed a large army, it confronted curtailing civil liberties and faced a possible demand for equity in return for support. American leaders believed their choice to join the Entente confirmed a particular form of governance, social, and economic organization, while on the other side of the globe a radically different form was defined by the Russian people. While these competing visions were voiced, the old idea of taking the land of the vanquished was the vision of elite, eyeing the Ottoman Empire. This symposium 1917: America Joins the Fight will examine this fateful year through asking:
  • Who were the leading personalities that shaped the American decision for war?
  • What were the events in the war at sea and land that affected Americans?
  • How were the American Congress and people persuaded to vote for war?
  • How did the decision for war effect American society in 1917?
  • How did the decision for war impact European society in 1917?
  • What impact did the Russian revolution have in America and Europe?
  • What were the competing visions by 1917 for dismembering the Ottoman Empire?
  • Why was there no peace or armistice in 1917?